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Product warranty policy

1. Warranty conditions
The product is free of charge if the product is still under warranty from the delivery time and meets the following conditions:
– All products and components are stamped with warranty of VNTECHCO and still in the warranty period.
– Warranty stamp intact.
– Warranty is only applied to manufacturing faults in the event that the customer uses the device properly.

2. The case is not warranted
– The product does not have warranty stamps or warranty stamps.
– On products, barcodes, warranty stamps are blurred, torn or show signs of scraping, fixing, …
– Components are deformed, scratched, scratched, bent, …
– The product is used in humid, dusty environments, where the temperature is high, oxidized, or directly in the sun and signs of fire, due to unstable power supply, due to cone insects, vermin, natural disasters, fires.
– The product is damaged due to a wrong voltage.
– The product was installed and maintained against VNTECHCO’s regulations, causing damage.
– Products are changed and repaired by outside technicians.
– Product warranty expires.

3. Warranty method.
– Warranty settlement time is from 1 to 7 days from the date of receipt (except Sundays and New Year holidays) depending on the products that can be resolved later or earlier.
– For products that are still under warranty but not covered by the warranty, we will receive a service charge or else return the damaged product. Support time depends on the actual level of damage to the product.
– In case of free or replacement parts replacement. VNTECHCO will recover the defective components of the product. VNTECHCO has the right to use new components, modified parts or recycled parts to make repairs for broken parts.
– Repairing and replacing broken components for charged products will be warranted for the next 06 months from the date customers receive the products.