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Return policy

I. General provisions on return and exchange
The return and exchange process applies to all goods being traded at Vntechco, performed when the goods are returned at the Company’s warehouse. We will perform the next steps to check product quality and conduct return and exchange as required by you and according to regulations.
– Time allowed to exchange goods: no more than 05 days from the date of purchase.
– Product handling time: depends on the product.
– In case goods are exchanged and returned immediately, it takes no more than 2 days
– In case goods are not available or need technical inspection, Vntechco will discuss specifically with customers about the time for handling return and exchange.

II. Return policy
Vntechco does not apply the return policy in any form unless the product is technically defective due to the manufacturer and Vntechco cannot offer a replacement product or solution to the customer.

III. Exchange policy 1. Exchange due to manufacturer error
If you exchange products due to technical errors, the exchange will be checked by Vntechco’s warranty department, when confirmed by the manufacturer, Vntechco will carry out the exchange procedure.
All shipping money will be paid by Vntechco.

2. Exchange goods for subjective reasons from customers
Vntechco only accepts barter for products that remain intact, unused condition, including and not limited to:
– There are purchase invoices, VAT invoices of Vntechco.
– Stamps / warranty cards, technical manuals, CDs and accompanying gifts (if any), … must be complete and intact, not torn.
– Complete parts, details, accessories accompanying the product.
– Packaging intact and packaging is not dented.
– There is no data in products with storage devices.
– Do not get dirty, scratched, broken, damaged, signs of impact, moisture, strange smell or used.
– In case of lack of the above conditions: collecting charges as prescribed. In addition, there is no additional charge.

3. Changing goods for subjective reasons on the customer’s side
Vntechco encourages customers to check the external condition of the box and product when receiving the goods to ensure that the goods are delivered to the right model, type, quantity according to the order and the external condition is not affected. (broken, scratched). If this is the case, please refuse to receive the goods or immediately notify customer support so we have a timely solution, such as exchanging goods or sending missing products to you.
In the event of loss of cargo (moisture, infiltration, breakage, breakage, etc.), damage, loss on transit or packaging of Vntechco, through Vntechco’s inspection, the Company will barter for customers. During the inspection process, it is necessary to have the confirmation of the transporter or the image provided by the customer … so that Vntechco can verify quickly and accurately.
After 24h from the date you receive the goods, Vntechco reserves the right to refuse to support the claims according to the above content.

4. Cases of refusal to exchange and return goods
– Does not meet the conditions of return and exchange as stated above.
– Product expiry date change 05 days.
– The product is damaged due to use not following the instructions on the product.
– Uncommon, high-value products.
– Damage occurs in some cases of force majeure such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, …