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Fuji Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer MOLTRA

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As the market leader in Fiji, Fiji offers the best fire retardant, fire retardant and self-extinguishing epoxy resin.    

Medium and low voltage distribution equipment

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Fuji supplies advanced equipment with range of products from distribution system to monitoring and control.

MV Switchgear (24kV,7.2kV) and LV Motor Control Center

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Fuji Electric is supplying distribution equipment and cabinets for wire transfer machines in factories as well as building infrastructure in accordance with IEC standards that can meet customers' energy efficiency and safety requirements.

Oil immersed Transformer

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PRODUCT LINE: Oil immersed Transformer REPRESENTATIVE PRODUCTS: Product Advantages: Well arranged core construction The core is made of top-class Hi-B (high magnetic flux density) oriented silicon steel plate with improved exciting characteristics such as core loss, exciting current, magnetostriction, etc. The core is tightened uniformly with...