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2D laser processing machine

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Mitsubishi's extensive range of laser processing products includes high-performance, universal and versatile products. We offer a wide range of laser processing machines from world-class high-performance lasers to machines that can replace traditional punching machines. We design and manufacture each unit mainly used in our laser...

3D laser processing machine

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3D laser machine opens the gateway to new laser cutting / welding applications. From experimentation to mass production, Mitsubishi's 3D laser machine delivers precision, speed and efficiency. The VZ10 and VZ20 are designed to meet the changing needs of the market.


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Drive Products An extensive lineup of drive products support different applications. Find your solution with Mitsubishi drive systems.

Circuit breaker according to UL489

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This is the best option to protect the overcrowding of North American countries. These breakers comply with the UL standards of the United States and CSA of Canada, and are listed by UL. These circuit breakers are suitable for protecting the power supply or the...

Circuit breaker grounding voltage

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Mixed products are best suited for the protection of overload, short circuit and electric shock in low voltage circuits. These are the most basic products to protect low voltage circuits. The WS-V series, Mitsubishi's latest LVCBs, are available in a variety of models


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Allows precise control of your engine. Use of CAN terminals for 10AF to 35AF to allow easy and safe wiring. It is possible to attach the surge suppressors to models from 35AF downwards, as well as to control the power surge with DC-powered AC motors...

EDM drill hole small

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Small hole turning from drilling to electrical discharge. The new concept of small hole EDM is expanding into the manufacturing of parts.

Electric indicator

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MITSUBISHI indicators meet the requirements of easy and intuitive operation. Meet the accuracy, long life cycle, readability scale, and monitor the power supply or operating status of the machine quickly and accurately. The MITSUBISHI indicator series is available in a variety of formats to meet...

Electric wire cutter

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A wide range of products that meet all needs from machining parts to mold processing with extreme precision. Mitsubishi Electric supports productivity enhancements with comprehensive solutions including machinery, power supply, adaptive control, automation systems and networks.