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GOT1000 Series Human Machine Interface

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The GOT1000 series offers a competitive edge. The GOT1000 series offers six types of terminals to suit every system or budget requirement.

GOT2000 Series Human Machine Interface

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The GOT2000 boasts advanced functionality, which can act as a gateway to other industrial automation devices, while still meeting the requirements for increased productivity and efficiency.

GT Soft GOT human interface

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Turn your PC or tablet into a GOT. GT SoftGOT is an HMI software that allows GOT functions to run on a personal computer or tablet. This software connects to many different types of devices, such as Mitsubishi PLCs, and allows monitoring devices like GOT2000...

MC Works64

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MC Works64 is a modern 64-bit SCADA application with 3D graphics. Create convincing 3D graphics, in which images can be viewed in real time from different angles. Operators can accurately capture device status.