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Analog Input/ Output Unit NX-AD/ DA

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• Up to eight analog inputs per unit (NX-AD) • Up to four analog outputs per unit (NX-DA) • Free-run refreshing or synchronous I/O refreshing with the NX1P2 CPU Unit or EtherCAT Coupler Unit • Sampling times down to 10 μs per channel and high...

Industrial PC platform NY5 [] [] -1 – Series

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Designed specifically for machine usage, making them innovative yet reliable, the IPC Machine Controller combines the precision and utility of the Sysmac platform with the versatility and range of Windows programs. The two platforms operate simultaneously but separately, so if Windows is down, the machine...

NX7 Oveview

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Sysmac is an integrated automation platform dedicated to providing complete control and management of your automation plant. At the core of this platform, the Machine Controller series offers synchronous control of all machine devices and advanced functionality such as motion, robotics and database connectivity. This...

Peripheral Devices CJ1W-CIF11

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• You can use RS-422A/RS-485 by connecting the converter to built-in RS-232C port of the CS/CJ series and the RS-232C connector of the Serial Communications Units (D-Sub,9-pin).

Programmable Multi – Axis Controller CK3M-CPU1 [] 1

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Performing precise linear motor drive control and nanoscale positioning, the PMAC (Programmable Multi Axis Controller) has been appreciated by manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other leading-edge equipment....

Software SYSMAC-SE2[][][]

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One software for motion, logic, safety, drives , vision and HMI • Fully compliant with open standard IEC 61131-3 and Japanese standard JIS B3503 • Supports Ladder, Structured Text and Function Block programming with a rich instruction set • CAM editor for easy programming of...