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Code Readers V430-F Series

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Easy to integrate Applications in the automotive industry Applied in the digital industry Applications in the F & B / pharma industry Optional right corner connector and right angle mirror to save space The V430-F automatically fires for a long time Liquid lens for autofocus...

Fiber Amplifier E3NX-CA

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Light Is Received over a Wide Range: Enough Even for Glossy Packaging No Saturation Even with 99% Reflective Optical Mirrors High Dynamic Range (Wide Incident Light Range) The optimal light intensity—with just two button presses Provides a High S/N Ratio to Detect Subtle Color Differences

High precision measarement Sensor ZW Series

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Ultra-compact and Ultra-lightweight Utilize Narrow Spaces in Machines The 24 × 24-mm Sensor Head fits easily into essentially any machine. Mounting area Reduced to 1/7*  

Proximity Sensors E2B

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The new E2B proximity sensors promise the perfect fit to your particular needs. With the wide range of models in the E2B family, you can choose the one that exactly meets your needs. For example, we have four different sizes: M8, M12, M18 and M30,...

Separate Amplifier E3C-LDA

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All three beam types provide ample long-distance detection of 1,000 mm. Three beam types means a wider variety of applications. Easy Sensor Installation and Sensing Characteristics Equivalent to Through-beam Sensors.

Smart Camera FQ2

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IP67 Water Resistance The sensor can be used in wet environments. Flexible Cables All cables from the camera are flexible. This allows the Sensor to be used safely on moving parts. Smart Click Connectors Connection is made quick and easy with a clear, definitive click-into-place...