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CMOS type Micro Laser Distance Sensor HG-C

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CMOS type Micro Laser Distance Sensor HG-C Measurement center 200 mm 7.874 in type and 400 mm 15.748 in type have been added in the HG-C series.

Connector FPC/FFC Y2B

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Slim (width: 3.15 mm) and low profile design Double top and bottom contacts construction Time and effort can be reduced by delivering with lever open. Wiring patterns can be placed under the connector. Ni barrier with high resistance to solder creepage

FAYb Laser Marker LP-RF

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Tough enough for use in any environment High-speed, high-quality marking Compact fan-less head with IP64 rating

HE-N Relays

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1.High capacity : Max. switching current 120A 2.Compact Size : W ( 50mm ) x L ( 40mm ) x H ( 43mm ) 3.Contact GAP : Min.3.6 mm ( Initial ) 4.Insulation distance ( Initial ) : Min.10.5mm ( Clearance & Creepage ) 5.Contributes...

Human Machine Interface GT704

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High quality display improves screen readability and overall user experience. Capable of displaying 4 times the visible data on one single screen. Reduce screen hierarchy and simplify use.

Integrated Display Type Digital Flow Sensor FM-200

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The setting conditions are displayed on the sub display, making it much easier to keep track of operations. In addition, the digital display which switches between 2 colors lets you check the status of sensor operation at a glance.


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KW2MEnergy saving and electric power quality monitoring with multiple circuits. Equipped with with two Ethernet ports and Web server functionality. Realtime monitoring is possible with KW2M-X.

Light Touch Switches 4,9 mm x 4.0 mm SMD

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1.External dimensions: 4.9 mm×4.0 mm, Height 0.63 mm 2.High operability Equipped with an actuator (push plate) 3.IP67 characteristic

Machine Vision System PV260

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1.Auto calibration function 2.Teaching support function 3.Robot tool offset function 4.Direct communication function