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(Tiếng Việt) Powercom 485 Data Transmission

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With Powercom, VAHLE has developed a safe and economic data transmission solution that utilizes existing conductor bar to transmit data signals. This allows a single conductor bar system for both power and data transmission reducing cost and space requirements. The Powercom system operates using 2...

Absolute Positioning Systems (Magnetic, Contactless, Optic)

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VAHLE’s APOS (Absolute Positioning System) is an exclusive and innovative solution that provides absolute positioning data down to +/- 1mm. Developed initially for automated handling systems in material flow technology; this versatile product has grown to include use in assembly automation, crane and port technology,...

Charging Contacts (BLS/BLK, SLS)

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VAHLE charging contacts are the original industry standard solution for opportunity charging. Economical and highly flexible, they were initially developed for charging of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) batteries. These contacts are available in a wide range of standard options as well as fully customized shapes,...

Contactless Power Supply

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AHLE’s contactless power systems (CPS) provide inductive power transfer for a variety of applications. With no limit to travel speed or acceleration, no maintenance from wear components and unaffected by environmental conditions, VAHLE’s CPS is an innovative solution to demanding applications.

Control Systems (VAHLE-DETO)

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By partnering with DETO, a leader in control & communication modules, VAHLE-DETO is able to offer integrated conductor bar, positioning, data communication & control system solutions for rail guided vehicle applications. This complete solutions package allows VAHLE to be the premier partner to bring your...

Enclosed Conductor Bar Systems

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An evolution of conductor bar developed by VAHLE, the enclosed Powerail system, offers numerous benefits and unique features for your specific applications. Up to eleven conductors and 300 amps with PVC or Aluminum housing is available. Developed with safety and reliability in mind, each model...

I-Beam Cable Festoon Systems

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VAHLE I-Beam Festoon Systems are the ideal solution for medium to high duty applications and environments. With a wide variety of carriers available from economical models to customized motor-driven carriers, VAHLE has the right solution for your application. Key benefits of VAHLE festoon systems include...

Insulated Conductor Bar Systems

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Versatile and flexible with multiple products from which to choose, VAHLE’s insulated conductor bar systems provide over 100 years of engineering experience. Designed with safety and reliability in mind, many systems are UL, CSA and SEV approved and IP 23 rated. Available in amperages from...

Open Conductor Bar Systems

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While working in a steel mill in 1912, Paul Vahle began designing more effective and safer methods of mobile power transfer. At the time, the common method was traveling wires which did not provide a secure contact, generated a lot of sparks and broke easily...