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Air Suspension (ACB) Susol – Metasol

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Metasol ACB cung cấp cho bạn khả năng cắt hàng đầu trong ngành và một loạt các chức năng khác. • Line level (In): 630 ~ 6300AF, 2 / 3poles type fixed / extracting • Undorting undocation (Icu = Ics): 75 (65) / 85 (70)...

Block-block cooler (MCCB) Susol

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Susol stands for super solution • Simplified six frame sizes (160, 250, 630, 800, 1250, 1600AF) • Improved quality: Uimp 8kV, Ui 750V, Ue 690V • High breaking capacity (50/60/85/100/150 kA at 415VAC, Ics = 100% Icu) • Optimized protection and measurement accuracy

Contactor & Metasol Thermal Relay

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Ampere range 6 ~ 800A • Improved Arc protection from closed architecture • Combined with overload relays Installation range: 0.1 ~ 95A • Upgrade low current reliability at low voltage DC24V 10mA -> DC 17V 5mA

Contactor Medium Voltage (Vacuum Contactor)

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• Rated: 3.6 / 7.2kV 200 / 400A • Short current rating: 6.3kA / 1s (peak 16.4kA) • Excellent compatibility with existing products • Diversify customer-oriented safety equipment

Digital Protection and Measurement (GIPAM, GIMAC)

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LSIS protection and measurement products specializes in the protection and monitoring of electricity distribution networks, making your power distribution easier and more reliable. You can either integrate these products into your intelligent switchgear or use them as stand-alone multifunction units.

Electronic relay (GMP, DMP, IMP)

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EMPR instead of the relay too load the nhiệt is the protection power protection power for use for the power pressure on the power and also be invoked by the Rlele too the power line or the Rơle. As one security protection protection engine with...