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Energy-Efficient Hydraulic Unit

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Energy-Efficient Hydraulic Unit   This energy-efficient hydraulic unit offers significant energy savings when combined with a variable pump pressure compensator and dedicated inverter controller to detect load pressure and control rotational frequency. Product details at: Catalog

Position Sensoring Hydraulic Cylinders.

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Features a high-precision absolute position sensor based on a magnetostrictive position detection system. Makes extensive use of parts conforming to the JIS standard to achieve as compact dimensions as standard hydraulic cylinders.   Product details at: Catalog

Standard Hydraulic Unit / Power Package Unit

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Standard Hydraulic Unit / Power Package Unit Low-noise, compact, high-efficiency hydraulic units. An extensive lineup from general purpose to energy efficient. Listed with 01 Series solenoid operated directional valves and 01 Series modular valvesto form control circuits. Product details at:  Catalog

Yuken Compact Hydraulic Cylinders

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Yuken Compact Hydraulic Cylinders Yuken’s compact CBY14 Series is one-third the length of conventional cylinders to allow deployment in spaces too small for conventional cylinders.   Product details at: Catalog

(Tiếng Việt) Xi lanh thủy lực

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We offer standard hydraulic cylinders in a series of models ranging from 3.5 MPa to 21 MPa to accommodate a wide range of applications, as well as models incorporating proximity switches. The compact type has smaller external dimensions than the conventional CJT210, so systems can...