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Membrane Air Dryer IDG (IDGA) series

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Membrane air dryer series IDG is available in a single unit or combination unit style. IDG/M models combine a mist separator and micro mist separator with a single unit. IDG/V models combine a regulator with the IDG/M model. Options available include one-touch fitting exhaust of...

ADM, Motor Operated Auto Drain, Metric

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Series ADM200 is a motor operated auto drain which reliably discharges even highly viscous drainage. A large discharge port allows a large amount of drainage to be discharged in a single operation. The ADM200 offers low power consumption (4W).

AMG150C-550C/AMG650-850, Water Separator, New Style

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The AMG series water separator is installed on the air pressure line to remove water drops from compressed air. It is available in 7 sizes with a variety of optional combinations to meet your application requirements.

HAA, Air Cooled Aftrercooler

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Air cooled after cooler Cools high temperature compressed air from compressors down to 40°C or less Removes moisture from the air Easy maintenance and reasonable running cost Cooling equipment not required Compact & lightweight

IDFA*E, Size 3~75, Standard Inlet Air Temperature

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IDF refrigerated air dryer series, in compliance with the Montreal Protocol Regulations, uses refrigerants R134a and R407C to prevent any damage to the earth's ozone layer. (Medium size series use R22). Series IDF can accommodate an inlet temperature of 40°C. Corrosion resistance is improved by...

LLB, Clean Air Module

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Clean Air Module series LLB, available in a standard or high flow type, was designed to easily obtain clean air.  The space-saving module design reduces piping man-hours.  The series is assembled and double-packed in a clean room environment.  Available in 24 variations the LLB offers...