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AN10~30-C, Silencer, Compact Resin/One-touch Fitting Connection

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Series AN silencers offer various styles and low back pressure in a compact, easy mounting design. The noise reduction has been improved to 30 dB(A) and the case is UL94-V0 grade, flame resistant material. Series AN is available with M, R or NPT threads.

AS-FS, Speed Controller with Indicator, Elbow Type

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Two indicator window directions available Larger push-lock type handle Reduces flow setting time and setting errors  

AS***1F-A, Speed Controller, One Touch Fitting, Push Lock, Elbow/Universal Type

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Elbow type, speed control with one-touch fitting Improved, larger push-lock handle Easy identification of meter-in (blue handle) vs. meter-out (gray handle) Max. operating pressure 1MPa Applicable tubing material: nylon, soft nylon, polyurethane

AS***1F-A, Speed Controller, Uni One-Touch Fitting, Push Lock, Elbow/Universal, New

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360° swivel piping possible (universal type) Easy to Lock with push-lock type Larger handle Improved tube insertion/removal

AV2000/3000/4000/5000 Series, Soft Start-up Valve

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Series AV  soft start-up valves allow the user to set the initial rate of system pressurization to minimize system shock.  When deactivated, the valve quickly exhausts the system for safe servicing of equipment.

IR1000~3000, Precision Regulator

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Prices and watches can be mounted directly from two directions - Many pressure ranges are adjustable - Compact

SY3000/5000/7000, End Block Assembly, D Side (SY7000 D Side & U Side)

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End Block Assembly (D side) for SY3000/5000/7000 series cassette manifold. Not for use with NEW SY. End Block Assembly (D side) for SY cassette manifold. DIN rail mounted SY7000 both D side and U side end block.

SYA3000, 5000, 7000, 5 Port Air Operated Valve, All Types

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Van điều khiển không khí SYA 5 cổng có sẵn trong cơ thể chuyển động hoặc cơ sở gắn kết phong cách. SYA sử dụng các đa tạp giống như series SY (kiểu cắm không theo kiểu) cho các loại 20, 41, 42 và 45....

VF1000, 5 Port Solenoid Valve w/Rectifier

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5 port pilot type valve Power consumption: 1.55W standard, 0.55W w/power saving circuit Built-in full-wave rectifier (AC) Ambinet temperature: Max. 50°C Enclosure: dust proof