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Air Screwdriver Impact Type No.GT-P5LS

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Air Screwdriver Impact Type No.GT-P5LS Air motor tightens really fast * Compact and lightweight. * Basic models for assembly plant. PRODUCT SPEC Model Tip tool mounting size Capacity standard screw O/Dmm Capacity self-tapping screw O/Dmm Capacity wood screw O/Dmm Capacity bolt O/Dmm No load speedrpm...

G(A)36, Pressure Gauge for General Purpose (O.D. 37)

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SMC offers a variety of pressure gauges including general purpose, oil-free/external parts copper-free with limit indicator, clean series and a pressure gauge with a pressure switch. Pressure ranges vary from 0 to 1.5MPa, depending on the selected gauge.  

Power Conditioner System

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Fuji Electric's PCS has the highest performance in the world up to 98.5% (DC 1000V). We have also achieved the EURO 98.2% performance certification (DC 1000V).

PS1*00, Electronic Pressure Switch

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The air checker, PS1 series, electronic pressure switch is available for positive pressure and for vacuum. PS1 is extremely compact and lightweight. Dimensions are 13W X 10H X 30L (mm) for standard type without connection part. A 2-wire switch is applicable to either NPN or...

PSE53*, Sensor for Multi Channel Controller

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Pressure Switch Series PSE allow pressure to be controlled from a remote location. Series PSE510 is compact and lightweight, allowing the sensor to be mounted where needed. The use of stainless steel for all wetted parts (SUS630 for diaphragm, SUS304 for fitting) allows the PSE520...

ZSE30A, Digital Pressure Switch, 2-Color Display, High Precision for Vacuum

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Series ZSE30A is a high-precision, 2-color display digital pressure switch for vacuum. It has raised rubber button controls that are clearly set apart, simple to operate and soft to the touch. Plug in type connectors take the burden out of wiring work and maintenance. Four...