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Center Master

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Allows quick measurement of center-to-center distance between holes Measurable hole diameters: Ø1-Ø38mm/.040"–1.50"

Contact Sensor

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The Contact Sensor eliminates errors caused by jacking-up the height gage too much while taking measurements. When the scriber of a height gage touches a conductive workpiece, an indicator will light up to indicate that measurement can be taken, which will result in consistent height measurements Power...

QM-Height Series 518-High Precision ABSOLUTE Digital Height Gage

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Newly developed high accuracy and high resolution ABSOLUTE linear encoder for position detection. Easy reference icon keys. Possible to measure inside/outside diameter via unique process (detect the circle apex and process by tracing measurement). Various types of optional probes are available. Large size LCD with...

ABSOLUTE Digimatic Height Gage Series 570

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Built-in ABSOLUTE linear encoder this encoder eliminates the necessity of setting the reference point at every poweron. It has improved reliability because no over-speed error will occur. Fine-adjustment carriage for smooth movement. Carbide-tipped scriber is provided. With SPC data output.

Depth Gage Attachment

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Attached to a height gage to measure groove and hole depth. Minimum hole diameter: 5.5mm Maximum distance from the bottom of the holding bar to the contact point:80mm (metric type), 2.95” (inch type) Uses standard dial indicator points

Digimatic Height Gage Series 192

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Highly versatile multi-function type. Carbide-tipped long scriber is provided. Rigid construction ensures repeatable measurement. Coarse/fine feed switching. Bi-directional touch-signal probe is an optional accessory. It can quickly and accurately measure steps, inside width, and outside width. With SPC data output.