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Method of delivery and receipt of goods

I. Specifying method of delivery.
The delivery and receipt process is applied to all goods being traded at Vietnam Investment Development Technology and Trading Co., Ltd.
1. Delivery time
From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (including weekdays except Sundays and public holidays as prescribed by the Vietnamese State).

2. Method of delivery.
2.1. Delivery customer address
Vntechco’s delivery staff will deliver the goods to the address specified by the customer.
2.2. Delivery – express delivery
Goods are delivered via courier service provider, the time you receive the goods within 1-3 working days.
2.3. Delivery – shipping by specialized vehicles
Goods are sent by car with online routes to customers in the provinces. This way, you will receive the goods from 1 to 5 working days.

3. Documents accompanying goods:
– VAT bill.
– Receipt of delivery.
– Goods warranty card (if any).
– User guide (if any)
– Certificate of origin, quality (CO / CQ) of goods (if any)

II. Regulations on methods of receiving goods:
1. Goods received directly
Customers receiving goods from Vntechco’s delivery staff are responsible for checking goods on the spot and signing for confirmation on the delivery record of Vntechco.

2. Indirectly received goods
When receiving goods from Vntechco, customers are responsible for checking goods and accompanying documents.
In case goods and documents are requested, customers confirm by one of the following methods:
– Sign the confirmation in the delivery record of Vntechco.
– Send confirmation mail with sales order agency.
– Confirm message with the business in charge of the order.
In case goods and documents do not meet the requirements, customers need to keep the status quo of the goods and respond to Vntechco within 01 working day.