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    GM7 & GM7U

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    • High function and high performance with dedicated MPU chip
      • IEC 61131-3
    • GLOFA-GM Network
      • Fnet, Rnet as master module
      • DeviceNet, Profibus-DP as slave module
    • Various built-in functions
      • High speed counter 1 point (1-phase 16kHz, 2-phase 8kHz
      • Pulse output 1 point (2kHz only available in Tr-output module)
      • PID loop with autotuning
      • Pulse catch 8 points (pulse catch: Min. 0.2ms)
      • Input filter (Noise reduction)
      • interrupt point: 8 points (Task program execution by external interrupt input)
      • RS-232C interface 1 channel (Built-in Cnet):dedicated, User-defined, Modbus protocol


    Operation methodCyclic execution of stored program, Time-driven operation, Internal task operation
    I/O control methodScan synchronized batch processing method (Refresh method)Immediate input/output is
    available by ‘Direct I/O’ function
    Program languageIL (Instruction list) / LD (ladder diagram) / SFC (Sequential function chart)
    Number of InstructionsOperatorLD: 13, IL: 20
    Standard function194
    Standard function block12
    Special function blockEach special module has its own special function block
    Processing speedOperator0.5㎲ / instruction
    Standard function/function block0.5㎲ / step
    Programming memory capacity68KBuilt-in flash memory (128K)
    I/O pointsFrom 10 to 80 points (according to modules)
    Data MemoryDirect variable area (DVA)2~8KSetting in GMWIN
    Symbolic variable area (SVA)32K – Direct variable area
    TimerNo limitation. Time range: 0.001~4294967.295 sec (1193 hours)20 bytes per 1 timer in SVA
    CounterNo limitation. Count range: -32768~327678 bytes per 1 counter in SVA
    Operation modeRUN, STOP, PAUSE, DEBUG
    Data retention at power failureSet to ‘Retain’ at data declaration
    Number of program blocks100
    Program typeTaskScan100 – (Number of program blocks in task)
    Time-driven88 in total
    Initialization1 (_INIT)
    Self-diagnostic functionWatchdog timer, Memory error, I/O error, etc
    Restart modeCold, Warm
    Built-in functionPID controlControl by function block, Autotuning, Forward/Reverse operation, Manual output, Operation scan time setting
    Cnet interfaceDedicated, Modbus, User-defined protocol
    HSCCounting speed1-phase 16kHz, 2-phase 8kHz
    Counting method1-phase up/down counter (up/down: selection by program)
    1-phase up/down counter (up/down: selection by B-phase)
    2-phase up/down counter (up/down: Automatic selection by phase difference)
    Multiplication1, 2 or 4
    Task program runningTask program running when the current value of HSC reaches the setting value
    Pulse catchMin. pulse width: 2ms, Maximum 8 points available to use
    Pulse output2kHz, 1Ch
    External interrupt Input8 points
    Input filter function0~15ms (Setting by 1ms)


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