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Powerful & compact block-type PLC CPU, digital I/O and power part are embedded in block-type PLCs, which is very compact and easy to install in area you want for system configuration. Also through various built-in function, user can configure cost-effective system.



K80S Features

Compact and high-function block type

  • Base: 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 points
  • Expansion: 10, 20 points

Various built-in functions for applications

  • HSC 1 point, Pulse output 1 point
  • PID (Max. 8 loops), Pulse catch 8 points
  • Built-in RS-232C I/F 1Ch: 4 (Rx), 7 (Tx), 5 (SG)

Various applications with special/comm. modules

  • Analog input/output: G7F-ADHA
  • Analog input: G7F-AD2A
  • Analog timer: G7F-AT2A
  • Cnet I/F: RS-232C, RS-422
  • Fnet (Master)/Rnet (Master)
  • Profibus-DP (Slave)/DeviceNet (Slave)
  • RTC/Memory pack

On-line edit in KGL WIN

K120S Features

High-performance and various block type

  • Economic type: 10/14/20/30 points (10/14 points: 2points built-in Analog Timer)
  • Standard type: 20/30/40/60 points
  • Various expansion modules: input, output, mixed modules
  • P area extended for SMART I/O application (P000~P63F)
  • High-speed processing speed: 0.1㎲/step (standard type)
  • Battery-less backup
    • Program backup: EEPROM backup while online editing
    • Data backup: Super capacitor
  • Various input handing: Input filter, pulse catch

Enhanced communication functions

  • Built-in RS-232C (Ch0) and RS-485 (Ch1) support *1)
  • Transmitting data monitoring support: KGLWIN
  • Various option modules
    • Cnet (RS-232C, RS-422) Fnet/Rnet (master module)
    • Profibus-DP/DeviceNet (slave module)

Powerful built-in functions

  • High-speed counter: 32-bit signed operation
    • Counter range: -2,147,483,648 ~ 2,147,483,647
    • Function: ring counter, latch counter, comparison (equal/zone/task), RPM
  • Positioning function (DRT/DT type)
    • Control axis: 2 axes (100kHz)
    • Operation method: single, repeat
    • Operation mode: end, keep, continuous
    • Additional functions: return to origin, JOG operation, PWM output
  • PID operation function
    • Relay/PRC auto-tuning, SV ramp, delta MV, PWM output, position/velocity algorithm

Various expansion modules

  • 7 Digital I/O modules: G7E-DR(08/10/20)A, G7E-TR10A, G7E-DC08A, G7E-RY(08/16)A
  • 9 Analog I/O modules: G7F-ADHA(B/C), G7F-AD2A(B), G7F-DA2I(V), G7F-AT2A, G7F-RD2A
  • 6 Comm. modules: G7L-CUEB(C), G7L-DBEA, G7L-PBEA, G7L-FUEA, G7L-RUEA
  • 2 Option modules: G7E-RTCA, G7M-M256B


K80S System Specifications
K80S System Specifications
Operation methodCyclic execution of stored program, Time-driven operation, Interrupt task execution
Program languageMnemonic, Ladder
I/O control methodScan synchronized batch processing method (Refresh method), Direct method by program
Number of instructionsBasic30
Processing speed0.5㎲/Step
Program memory capacity7Ksteps
Memory deviceP (I/O Relay)P0000~P31F (512 points)
M (Auxiliary relay)M0000~M191F (3,072 points)
K (Keep relay)K0000~K031F (512 points)
L (Link relay)L0000~L063F (1,024 points)
F (Special relay)F000~F063F (1,024 points)
T (Timer)100msT000~T191 (192 points)
10msT192~T255(64 points)
C (Counter)C000~C255 (256 points)
S (Step controller)S00.00~S99.99 (100 x 100)
D (Data register)D0000~D4999 (5,000 words)
Timer typeON Delay, OFF Delay, Integration, Monostable, Retriggerable timer
Counter typeUp, Down, Up-Down, Ring counter
Self-diagnosis functionsWatchdog timer, Memory error, I/O error, Batter error, Power supply error
Built-in special functionPID controlControlled by instruction, Auto tuning, Forward/Reverse action, Forced output, Operation scan time setup
Cnet I/F function (RS-232C)Dedicated protocol, MODBUS protocol, User-defined protocol
High speed counterCounting speed1 Phase: 16kHz (1 channel)
2 Phase: 8kHz (1 channel)
3 Counting modes
Counting method1Phase, up/down count with program Input
1Phase, up/down count B-phase Input
2 Phase, up/down with phase difference
Multiplication1, 2 or 4
Pulse catchPulse width : 0.2 ms, 8points
Pulse output2kHz
External interrupt8 points (0.4ms)
Input filter0~15ms (Setting by 1ms)

*1) K7M-DR10S (/DC), K7M-DT10S: Built-in RS-232C and RS-485 port. Simultaneous use is not allowed and a communication module is not available to use. Built-in Cnet dip switch: ON (RS-232C), OFF (RS-485)