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Product Description :

                                            ZX7-MS Series MMA Welding Machine

n    Product characteristics

○     High efficient, energy-saving and light-weighted;

○     Compact size, light weight, simple installation and easy-to-operation;

○     Feature with excellent dynamic characteristics and stable electric arc and its batch is easy to be controlled;

○     The trust can be adjusted with the machine and the current can be displayed in digital by presetting it.

○     The power input wire may use single phase AC 220 or single phase AC 380V, but the transfer time of power input wire shall be longer than 10S;

n    Applicable ranges

○     Can be widely used to weldable carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other nonferrous metals;

○     Can apply welding rods in different specifications and materials, including acid and alkaline welding rods.

n    Options

○     Europe Plug (red, black)

○     Complete set of welding heads

○     Earth clip

○     Complete set of welding cables

Ordering guidance

MaterialsWelding methodThickness of slab (mm)Diameter of welding rod (mm)Welding current (A)Applicable model
Carbon steel/low alloy steel/ stainless steelDC MMA1.0 ~ 8.02.0 ~ 4.030 ~ 250ZX7-250MS
Carbon steel/low alloy steel/ stainless steelDC MMA2.0 ~ 102.5 ~ 5.030 ~ 300ZX7-300MS

Technical parameters

Power supply voltage (V)Single phase AC220V/380V±15%, 50HzSingle phase AC220V/380V±15%, 50Hz
Rated input voltage (kVA)9.512.5
No-load voltage (V)5656
Adjusting range of output current (A)30 ~ 25030 ~ 300
Rated output voltage (V)3032
Range of thrust current (A)0 ~ 1000 ~ 100
Duty cycle (%)6060
No-load loss (W)4040
Efficiency (%)8585
Power factor0.930.93
Insulation classFF
Enclosure protection classIP21SIP21S
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm485×205×365485×205×365
Weight (kg)1313