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Steam turbines, generator lineup

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Since its first steam turbine production in 1959, Fuji Electric has provided a stable, high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly power source. For medium-capacity plants, Fuji Electric employs a proven standard block design system to provide the most flexible and optimized steam turbine in the shortest delivery time.


Product line: Steam turbines, generator lineup


Features of the steam turbine

Adoption of a reaction turbine

In a reaction turbine, in addition to receiving the impulse of steam ejected from the stationary blades, together with the reaction force of steam ejected from the moving blades, the reaction blade cascade that rotates the rotor has a steam flow velocity that is slower with respect to the impulse blade cascade, and because the flow direction change in the moving blades is small, the efficiency of the turbine is high.

Integral shroud blades

A highly reliable integral machined structure is adopted which includes the shroud section.

Double casing structure

A structure is adopted that can reduce thermal stress and thermal deformation by separating the casing inside and outside.

Low pressure impeller

A free-standing low pressure impeller is adopted which does not use a shroud or lacing wires.

Steam turbines, generator lineup

Steam turbines


Description of model code
Product nameGTTurbine generator (synchronous machine)
Type of cooling mediumLAir
Rotor cooling systemRDirect radial cooling
DDirect axial cooling
Stator cooling systemIIndirect cooling
DDirect cooling by gas (hydrogen)
FBy liquid (water)



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