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Special Module

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Analog input/output

  • Fast conversion processing
  • High resolution
  • Setting and monitoring the special module parameter through XG5000
  • Supporting 4 types of digital output data format (Unsigned value, Signed value, Precise value, Percentile value)
Product list

Analog input module

Analog input module
XGF-AV8A8 channels, voltage input
XGF-AC8A8 channels, current input
XGF-AD4S4 channels, voltage/current input

Analog output module

Analog output module
XGF-DV4A4 channels, voltage output
XGF-DV4S4 channels, voltage output, insulation
XGF-DC4A4 channels, current output
XGF-DC4S4 channels, current output, insulation

HSC (High-Speed Counter) module

  • Parameter setting and monitoring using XG5000
  • Incremental encoder available
  • Supporting various pulse input (5V, 12V, 24V)
  • Various multiplication (1/2 phase pulse input)
  • External present input
  • Providing function to prevent from counting external signal
  • Supporting HTL-level incremental encoder in the line-drive input type
Product list

High-speed counter module

High-speed counter module
XGF-HO2A2 channels, Open collector
XGF-HD2A2 channels, Line driver


  • Highly reliable position control with LSIS ASIC-embedded processor
  • Enhanced control with fast control processing speed
  • High-speed motor control (Max. pulse output: 1Mbps)
  • Circular/linear interpolation, separate/synchronous operation
  • Trapezoidal & S-curve acceleration/deceleration
  • Easy and quick control through external input (JOG operation included)
  • Encoder input support
  • High-speed processing of command (4ms)
  • Easy to set positioning parameters (Windows)
  • Monitoring/Tracking/Simulation
  • Available to edit operation parameter data in EXCEL
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Real-time information and solution for each error
Product list

Positioning module

Positioning module
XGF-PO(1/2/3)A1/2/3-axis, Open collector
XGF-PD(1/2/3)A1/2/3-axis, Open collector
System configuration

Motion Control

  • Motion control module adopting Mechatrolink-II
    • Quick and precise motion control via high-speed network (Mechatrolink-II)
      (Transmission speed: 10Mbps, Transmission period: 1ms/1.5ms/2ms)
  • Enhanced performance of motion synchronization
    • Perfect synchronization of Max. 16 axes
    • High-speed synchronous motion control by synchronizing execution period of application with transmission period of network
  • Efficient system
    • Wiring reduction with motion control system via network
    • Enhanced stability and efficiency of system through absolute-coordinate operation
  • Multi-function engineering tool -> M16M software package
    • Providing various functions from system design to maintenance
    • Automatic setting of communication & servo parameter by ‘Self Configuration’
System configuration


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