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Digital Panel Indicators K3HB-X

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Digital Panel Meters perform digital processing on or conversion and display of voltages, currents, other analog signals, and pulse signals. They can also compare input values to set values, transfer data, and perform other functions.


Product Line: Digital Panel Indicators

Representative Product: Voltage / Current Input  Voltage / Current Input

These Digital Panel Meters are ideal for measuring, displaying, and judging analog values, such as AC / DC voltages or currents.


Product: Process Indicator  K3HB-X

A Process Indicator Ideal for Discriminating and Displaying Measurements for Voltage/Current Signals



• Easy recognition of judgement results using color display that can be switched between red and green. *

• Equipped with a position meter for monitoring operating status trends.

• External event input allows use in various measurement and discrimination applications.

• Series expanded to include DeviceNet models.

• Short body with depth of only 95 mm (from behind the front panel), or 97 mm for DeviceNet models.

• UL certification approval (Certification Mark License).

• CE Marking conformance by third party assessment body.

• Water-resistant enclosure conforms to NEMA 4X (equivalent to IP66).

• Capable of high-speed sampling at 50 times per second (20 ms).

• Easy-to-set two-point scaling allows conversion and display of any userset values.

* Visual confirmation of judgement results is not supported on models that do not have an output or models that do not
support DeviceNet.
You can change the display color by setting it, but you cannot switch it based on the judgement results.




Display range-19,999 to 99,999
Sampling period20 ms (50 times/second)
Comparative output
response time
DC input: 100 ms max.; AC input: 300 ms max.
(The time until the comparative output is output when there is a forced sudden change in
the input signal from 15% to 95% or 95% to 15%.)
Linear output response
DC input: 150 ms max.; AC input: 420 ms max.
(The time until the final analog output value is reached when there is a forced sudden
change in the output signal from 15% to 95% or 95% to 15%.)
Insulation resistance20 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strength2,300 VAC for 1 min between external terminals and case
Noise immunity100 to 240 VAC models: ±1,500 V at power supply terminals in normal or common mode
(waveform with 1-ns rising edge and pulse width of 1 μs/100 ns)
24 VAC/VDC models: ±1,500 V at power supply terminals in normal or common mode
(waveform with 1-ns rising edge and pulse width of 1 μs/100 ns)
Vibration resistanceFrequency: 10 to 55 Hz; Acceleration: 50 m/s2, 10 sweeps of 5 min each in X, Y, and Z
Shock resistance150 m/s2 (100 m/s2 for relay outputs) 3 times each in 3 axes, 6 directions
WeightApprox. 300 g (Base Unit only)
Degree of
Front panelConforms to NEMA 4X for indoor use (equivalent to IP66)
Rear caseIP20
TerminalsIP00 + finger protection (VDE0106/100)
Memory protectionEEPROM (non-volatile memory)
Number of rewrites: 100,000
Applicable standardsUL61010-1, CSA C22.2 No.61010-1-04
EN61010-1 (IEC61010-1): Pollution degree 2/Overvoltage category II
EMCEMI: EN61326-1 Industrial electromagnetic environment
Electromagnetic radiation interference: CISPR 11 Group 1, Class A
Terminal interference voltage: CISPR 11 Group 1, Class A
EMS: EN61326-1 Industrial electromagnetic environment
Electrostatic Discharge Immunity: EN61000-4-2: 4 kV (contact), 8 kV (in air)
Radiated Electromagnetic Field Immunity: EN61000-4-3: 10 V/m 1 kHz sine wave amplitude
modulation (80 MHz to 1 GHz, 1.4 to 2 GHz)
Electrical Fast Transient/Burst Immunity: EN61000-4-4: 2 kV (power line), 1 kV (I/O signal
Surge Immunity: EN61000-4-5: 1 kV with line (power line), 2 kV with ground (power line)
Conducted Disturbance Immunity: EN61000-4-6: 3 V (0.15 to 80 MHz)
Power Frequency Magnetic Immunity: EN61000-4-8: 30 A/m (50 Hz) continuous time
Voltage Dips and Interruptions Immunity: EN61000-4-11: 0.5 cycle, 0°/180°, 100% (rated


Model Number Legend

Base Units and Optional Boards can be ordered individually or as sets.

Base Units

K3HB-X Lineup 2

Base Units with Optional Boards

K3HB-X Lineup 3

Optional Board

Sensor Power Supply/Output Boards

K3HB-X Lineup 5

Relay/Transistor Output Boards

K3HB-X Lineup 6

Event Input Boards

K3HB-X Lineup 7

1. Input Sensor Code

VD:DC voltage input
AD:DC current input
VA:AC voltage input
AA:AC current input

2. Sensor Power Supply/Output Type Code

None: None
CPA: Relay output (PASS: SPDT) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC +/−10%, 80 mA) (See note 1.)
L1A: Linear current output (0 to 20 or 4 to 20 mA DC) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC +/−10%, 80 mA) (See note 2.)
L2A: Linear voltage output (0 to 5, 1 to 5, or 0 to 10 VDC) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC +/−10%, 80 mA) (See note 2.)
A: Sensor power supply (12 VDC +/−10%, 80 mA)
FLK1A: Communications (RS-232C) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC +/−10%, 80 mA) (See note 2.)
FLK3A: Communications (RS-485) + Sensor power supply (12 VDC +/−10%, 80 mA) (See note 2.)

Note: 1. CPA can be combined with relay outputs only.
2. Only one of the following can be used by each Digital Indicator: RS-232C/RS-485 communications, a linear
output, or DeviceNet communications.

3. Relay/Transistor Output Type Code

None: None
C1: Relay contact (H/L: SPDT each)
C2: Relay contact (HH/H/LL/L: SPST-NO each)
T1: Transistor (NPN open collector: HH/H/PASS/L/LL)
T2: Transistor (PNP open collector: HH/H/PASS/L/LL)
BCD *: BCD output + transistor output (NPN open collector: HH/H/PASS/L/LL)
DRT: DeviceNet (See note 2.)
* A Special BCD Output Cable (sold separately) is required.

4. Event input Type Code

None: None
1: 5 inputs (M3 terminal blocks), NPN open collector
2: 8 inputs (10-pin MIL connector), NPN open collector
3: 5 inputs (M3 terminal blocks), PNP open collector
4: 8 inputs (10-pin MIL connector), PNP open collector

5. Supply Voltage

100-240 VAC: 100 to 240 VAC

Note: The following combinations are not possible.
• Communications (FLK[]A) + DeviceNet (DRT)
• Communications (FLK[]A) + BCD output (BCD)
• Linear current/voltage (L[]A) + DeviceNet (DRT)



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