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350 CUPLA NITTO Oil 350-8S

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Their airless valve shut-off design greatly reduces air admixture!
Ideal for hydraulic lines with larger pressure fluctuations.


PRODUCT LINE:  For Hi Pressure Oil (Two-way shut-off, Low spill Type)–350 Cupla

Representative Products: 350 Cupla 350-8S Steel FKM

350 Cupla 350-8S Steel FKM

Product Advantages:

-Sleeve stopper mechanism can be engaged by rotating sleeve after connection.
-Both socket and plug have built-in automatic shut-off valves to prevent fluid
spill out when disconnected. Easy to handle.








Basic information

Model nameProduct codeProduct NoJAN codeGroup nameSubgroup name
350-8S Steel FKM01143CA803974992338011437CUPLA Quick Connect CouplingsFor Hi Pressure Oil (Two-way shut-off, Low spill Type)


Series nameApplicable fluid
shapeBody material
Seal materialValve structure
CharacteristicWorking pressure   
End configurationSize of end configuration
Working temperature   Suitability for Vacuum



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